Madonna University Social Work Students Advocate for Policy and Mental Health Reform

President Dougherty pictured at a table with students in the Francsican center during the ink for advocacy event

LIVONIA, MICH. – Madonna University's Social Work program continues its commitment to social justice by providing students with opportunities to engage in advocacy efforts.

On March 21st, the program hosted "Ink for Advocacy," an event that allowed students to write letters directly to policymakers, register to vote with the League of Women Voters, and learn more about expanding voting rights in Michigan. This initiative demonstrates the program's dedication to empowering students to participate in the democratic process and advocate for social change. 

Social work students Meg Halstead (MSW) and Sara Pitchford (BSW) recently joined the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Michigan chapter for Capitol Action Day in Lansing. They met with the legislative aide for State Representative Carrie Rheingan to advocate for the Social Work Licensure Modernization Act and legislation promoting a more robust mental healthcare system. 

The "Ink for Advocacy" event and student participation in Capitol Action Day offered a glimpse into the important conversations happening and both the state and national levels regarding voter rights and mental health care access, and students were able to actively contribute to these discussions through their participation.