New students are automatically considered for all merit scholarships upon admission. These scholarships are renewable for up to four years. Competitive, Performance, and Talent Awards may require an additional application, audition, or interview and are awarded at the discretion of the coach or director of the program. All scholarship applicants are required to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA code 002282) to be considered for additional financial aid.

* Terms and Conditions for the Direct from High School Scholarships and Transfer Student Awards can be viewed by clicking the respective scholarship grid.
FTIAC Scholarship Grid
Transfer Scholarship Grid      International Award
Eligibility Requirements
Affiliation Awards*    
  Alumni Legacy $2,000 Parent/Grandparent is a Madonna alumna/alumnus
  Catholic High School $2,000 Catholic High school graduate
  Felician-Sponsored Ministries Varies Full-time employees and their dependents
  Phi Theta Kappa Transfer $1,000 3.5/PTK Member
  Performing Arts Award $3,000 As determined by the Director of Performing Arts
 * Students can receive either affiliation scholarships  or athletic scholarships but not both.

Financial Need-Based Awards
  Academic Assistance Award Varies based on need Need-based grant assistance
  Academic Housing Award Varies based on need Need-based housing assistance
  Madonna Assistance Award Varies based on need Need-based grant assistance