Madonna University Welcomes Inaugural Haitian MBA Cohort

Headshots of Haiti MBA students

LIVONIA, MICH. – Madonna University is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking moment in our institution's history as we welcome the inaugural cohort of Haitian students into our MBA program. This remarkable achievement has been made possible through the generous support of the Felician Sisters and the unwavering commitment of our university administration. 

Ten exceptional alumni from the Haiti Education Leadership Program (HELP) have embarked on this transformative journey to pursue their MBA degrees this fall. The establishment of this program was inspired by the strong desire of HELP graduates to continue their education at the graduate level. 

To ensure fairness and inclusivity, a lottery was conducted to determine the recipients of the limited sponsorship spots available. We are delighted to share that every candidate who was offered a sponsorship spot graciously accepted the opportunity. 

In a heartfelt virtual meeting held via Zoom in August, Elizabeth Prough, interim dean of the Graduate School, and Tara Kane, dean of the School of Business, extended a warm welcome to our new Haitian MBA cohort. During this session, they provided valuable insights into the world of graduate studies at Madonna University. 

Dean Tara Kane expressed her joy, stating, "It was wonderful to hear the awardees' appreciation for the opportunity as well as to learn on how they plan on using their advanced education to better Haiti." This spirit of determination and dedication is precisely what makes this group of students so special. 

Elizabeth Prough conveyed her best wishes to the first Haiti MBA students, saying, "We wish them success as they plan to work hard and persevere toward successful completion of their degrees." These words of encouragement reflect the university's commitment to supporting students as they strive for excellence. 

Madonna University is deeply proud of the diversity and inclusivity that this new cohort brings to our university. We look forward to witnessing their academic journeys and the positive impact they will undoubtedly have on their home country, Haiti. 

Join us in celebrating this momentous occasion as we extend our warmest welcome to the first Haitian MBA cohort at Madonna. Their determination and dedication to advancing their education and making a difference in their community are truly inspiring.