Madonna University Library Welcomes Three Rescued Goldfish

a photo of the fish tank in the madonna library

LIVONIA, MICH. – The Madonna University Library aquarium welcomed three new finned friends, all goldfish saved from a feeder fish fate.

The arrival of the new residents coincides with the conclusion of a naming contest hosted by the Animal Awareness Club. Students, faculty, and staff submitted a total of 27 entries, and after careful consideration, the club members selected five names: Ariel, Bubbles, Francis, Tsunami, and Wanda.

Dr. Andrew Domzalski, Professor and Chair of the Department of Humanities at Madonna University, also holds leadership positions in Animal Studies, the Center for Humane Studies, the Center for Catholic Studies, and Interfaith Dialogue, He provided some background on the rescued fish:

"All the goldfish in the Madonna aquarium are rescues," Dr. Domzalski explained. "The first two, Francis and Wanda, were saved by our partners at the Detroit Zoo after they ended up in an unsuitable tank. The most recent arrivals - Ariel, Bubbles, and Tsunami - were purchased specifically to prevent them from becoming food for other animals." 

The Library encourages everyone to visit and meet the newest members of the Madonna community!