Madonna BCA First Year Students Blaze New Trail with Livonia Fire Department Ads

Students filming with livonia firemen at the livonia fire station in front of a fire truck

LIVONIA, MICH. – "It was an incredible experience, not just for our students and the program, but for the firefighters as well," enthused Chris Nickin, adjunct instructor and TV operations and production manager at Madonna University's Broadcast and Cinema Arts (BCA) department. He's not exaggerating. This semester, a group of enthusiastic first-year BCA students took on a real-world project, partnering with the Livonia Fire Department to create impactful social media recruitment videos. 

This wasn't your typical classroom exercise. Nickin explains, "We normally reserve these kinds of projects for upperclassmen. But these freshman were phenomenal. They tackled the challenge head-on and produced truly fantastic work."

Imagine a group of first-year students, fresh from learning the ropes of filming and editing, suddenly thrust into the world of professional video production. That's exactly what happened. Divided into three teams, students delved into a specific aspect of the Fire Department's story. One group captured the heart-pounding action alongside firefighters, another documented the paramedics' lifesaving efforts, and the third unearthed the department's rich history. 

With Nickin and two production interns on hand for guidance, the students embraced the pressure and tight deadlines. They filmed, edited, and crafted compelling narratives, all while navigating the complexities of working with a real client. 

"Seeing them handle themselves so professionally, interact with the firefighters, and still have so much fun was truly rewarding," Nickin said. "They poured their hearts into these videos, and the results have been incredible." 

The final edits are expected to be completed later this week, which isn't just a proud moment for the BCA department; it's a testament to Madonna University's commitment to preparing its students for successful careers in the media industry.