Madonna University Students Improve Animal Habitats at the Zoo

Two Humanities students doing volunteer service at indoor zoo habitat

LIVONIA, MICH. – The students in Humanities Course 3210 Do Animals Matter? represented Madonna University well at the Detroit Zoo last week. They completed this semester's service-learning projects with hard work and professionalism. The featured projects to improve animal habitats, and the students who worked on them included: Building a habitat interior for side-smoothed toads: (at right) Madelyn Brozek, Camren Greer, Riley Vermander

Creating habitat props for Max, a green-winged macaw: (below left and center) Alexis Blonde, Aislynn Kaminski, Bethany Orris, David Payne

Building a hammock for Homer, an elderly Hoffmann's two-toed sloth (below right): Corinne Bettys, Anthony Di Stefano, Samantha Morgan, Jessica Schwarz, Rachael Schwarz

Parrot closeup at zoo enclosure Students performing volunteer service inside greenhouse sanctuaryFive Student volunteers crafting a floor mat