Madonna University Exceeds Fundraising Goal on St. Felix Day of Giving

"St Felix Day of Giving Wed., March 27, 2024" in text with an icon sketch image of st felix on a blue background

LIVONIA, MICH. – Madonna University raised $98,193 from 193 donors on its annual St. Felix Day of Giving, exceeding its fundraising goal. This year marked the third consecutive year the university saw an increase in both the number of donors and the total amount raised.

Gifts supported eight different funds for various projects across campus, including nursing simulation lab mannequins, psychology clinic software, business student computers, arts and sciences lecture hall renovations, filtered-water filling stations, scholarships, and the Madonna fund. 

"We're once again humbled by the generous support of our alumni and friends," said Matt Rheinecker, vice president for advancement. "One area of emphasis this year was encouraging students to participate in philanthropy."

A student giving component offered a small prize for donations and a chance to win a reserved parking space. Nicholas Miller, a criminal justice major and football player, won the parking space. Genevieve Pajulio, a master's student in early childhood education, won a smart TV donated anonymously. 

"Students gave back to not only support their own experience but also to provide resources for students for years to come," Rheinecker said. "We look forward to next year's St. Felix Day and continuing to identify projects that will further enhance the overall campus experience."