Supply Chain Guest Lecturer From Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Students in a classroom pictured with Professor Atteya and guest speaker

LIVONIA, MICH. – Last week, in her Global Supply Chain Management class, Nermine Atteya, hosted Ashwini Balasubramanian, Harley-Davidson Motor Company general manager of advanced engineering. Balasubramanian's presentation was about careers, innovation, and the future of supply chain management. She shared her career journey in the mobility solutions space and her contributions and experience in working in different cultures, moving from Bosch to Toyota to ZF to Martinrea to Harley Davidson serving in various capacities. Her presentation was impressive, interactive, and impactful. Balasubramanian provided advice and recommendations to students about achieving success working in different cultures and diversity spaces. She focused on product innovation and the collaboration between supply chain professionals and engineers to make products that are profitable and will sustain business. She discussed the challenges in the supply chain field and talked about the variety of careers in supply chain management and assured students that it is a profession in high demand and that will grow for the coming 30-40 years. 

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