Madonna University Student Crowed Miss Mexico 2023

Daniela Diaz wearing her Miss Mexico crown and sash seating in a sparkling red dress

LIVONIA, MICH. – Daniela Diaz, psychology major and president of  Madonna University Latino Club, was crowned Miss Mexico, December 2, 2023, at a pageant organized by the Mexican Patriotic Committee (MPC). This MPC represents Detroit's rich Mexican culture and community by hosting events that celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Dia de los Muertos, Posadas, and other holidays. 

The annual Miss Mexico pageant affords many young women academic opportunities, networking growth, professional experience, and a civic platform. Diaz will represent her community over the year of her reign in various events as well as be featured in the Cinco de Mayo Parade 2024. She received a $500 scholarship, and she learned about the opportunity for up to $2,000 in scholarships offered by the Hispanic Police Association. 

Influenced by her father's pride in Mexican culture, Diaz recounted her pageant experience and what motivated her to participate. Diaz emphasized a memorable day of interviews that brought contestants closer, revealing their motivations and qualities. "It was during those one-on-one interviews with the judges that I truly got to know the other contestants. Learning about their perspectives and motivations made me appreciate the diverse qualities each person brought to the competition," she said. 

Diaz candidly shared the challenges she faced during the pageant, including financial burdens and personal insecurities. Overcoming these hurdles involved thinking outside the box and engaging in self-reflection, meditation, and prayer to stay grounded and confident. As a guide, she used the book Days Without You by Elvira Sastre, which highlights happiness as a path rather than a goal. Diaz emphasized being present in the moment, appreciating what one has, and finding joy in the journey rather than fixating on distant goals. She said, "Working on yourself is the foundation to best support yourself and those around you."

Since being crowned Miss Mexico, Diaz, who lives in Romulus, has received invitations to various community events, expanding her network and connections. She plans to utilize her title to advocate for unity, enjoyment, and research awareness within the community. Her speech focused on the importance of empathy, aiming to spread love and positivity as she leads by example. 

Miss Mexico and student leader Daniela Diaz brightens the path from Madonna University to the spirited hearts of Detroit's Mexican Community.