Madonna University Community Gathers to Witness Solar Eclipse

students viewing the eclipse with ted gish

LIVONIA, MICH. – On April 8th, Madonna University faculty, staff, students, and alumni came together for a unique celestial event - a solar eclipse. A sizable crowd gathered on campus to witness the phenomenon, creating a fun and educational atmosphere. 

Dr. Ted Gish, a chemistry professor, played a key role in facilitating the viewing. "We had a much larger turnout than anticipated," said Dr. Gish, "but it was a very enjoyable experience for everyone."

Attendees were provided with a variety of safe viewing options, including NASA-approved eclipse glasses, a refractor telescope equipped with a proper solar filter, and a creative setup using binoculars to project the eclipse onto a whiteboard - an idea inspired by Dr. Gish's astronomy magazine.

The event proved to be a success, with Dr. Gish noting, "The students seemed genuinely engaged with the science - a welcome change from the usual 'running away from science' routine!"