Madonna University RN Refresher Course Attracts Nurses from Near and Far

rn refresher student standing smiling for the camera with her certificate

LIVONIA, MICH. – Madonna University's recent RN Refresher Course received positive feedback from nurses who came from various states to attend the two-week, in-person program. 

Heather Mingle, a 1990 graduate of Madonna's nursing program, put her career on hold to care for her autistic son. After recently moving back to Michigan, she decided to re-enter the workforce and found the refresher course valuable. "This class is lowering my nerves and opening doors," she said. "It's been perfect." 

Tamie Washington, licensed in seven states, traveled from Georgia for the course after hearing positive reviews. "I thought this would be an excellent opportunity." Washington had contacted Janice Cecil, chair of the undergraduate nursing program, after struggling to find a course near Atlanta. 

Joanie, from Florida, decided she would come back to take her NCLEX boards in Michigan where she had become an RN in Kalamazoo. She was told she needed an RN refresher course, and chose Madonna's because it was an in-person class. "It's hard to find an RN refresher course that is not online," she said. She said most were only three days, and you don't get the hands-on experience that Madonna provides. She was excited to return to Florida to be a nurse again.