Madonna University to Host MI-ACE Women's Network Conference Virtually

MI-ACE Women's Network Conference

LIVONIA, MICH. – The annual MI-ACE Women's Network Conference, Advancing Women in Higher Education, will be virtual for 2021, and hosted by Madonna University, Monday and Tuesday, June 14 and 15. The final day to register is June 1. For more conference information or to register, visit MI-ACE Conference Registration.

MI-ACE remains committed to bringing higher education leaders the professional network’s recognition, skill development, and support that have been so important to Michigan women in higher education.

As in year’s past, the Conference welcomes educators from public and private colleges and universities, from faculty and administration, from urban and rural institutions.  No other conference offers the opportunity to approach the challenges of higher education from such a wide variety of perspectives in an atmosphere that is affirming and supportive.

To honor institutions’ membership in the MI-ACE Women’s Network, faculty and staff from renewing and new institutions will have unlimited FREE registrations for this virtual event. 

Upon institutional membership verification, you will be given access to the conference.

To become a member and have unlimited FREE registrations, please visit the MI-ACE membership page