Madonna Alumna Expert on Lake George History

Heather Bruegl's headshot

LIVONIA, MICH. – Nationally recognized historian and Madonna alumna Heather Bruegl will present A History of the Lake George Area and the Nations Who Called it Home, in Lake George, Wisconsin. 

Bruegl, who is a citizen of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, holds a bachelor's and master's degree in U.S. History from Madonna University and is currently a doctoral student at the University of Wisconsin in Green Bay. Her area of study is First Nations Education with a focus on inclusive historical narratives for teaching. 

In her presentation, Bruegl will describe how the Indigenous Nations that populated the area lived and the policies that removed them from their homes and pushed them onto reservations. Bruegl said in a news release, "All the land that makes up the United States was, in its entirety, Indigenous land. The Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) and other nations called the Lake George area home well before colonization." 

More information about Bruegl's presentation is available on the Lake George Examiner's website.