Madonna University Receives Dream Greenhouse Donation

Madonna faculty and staff standing in front of the donated greenhouse

LIVONIA, MICH. –  Several years ago Veronica Riha, biology professor, mentioned to Tom Laabs, assistant director of development, that she would love to have a greenhouse classroom on campus. Laabs didn't forget and when he came upon one that was for sale on Marketplace, he asked if the seller would like to donate it to Madonna. The next thing you know, Riha was traveling to Southgate to see it, and then raising donations for a cement pad to put it on and a sidewalk so that anyone can access it.

The dream greenhouse was delivered last week and Riha, the donor Shawn Lumpiosz, and Laabs couldn't be happier. Plans are underway to move it to the area between the Peace Pole and St. Francis Pond.

Riha is already dreaming of all the learning opportunities the greenhouse brings to campus, including:  student projects, growing herbs for Sodexo, student artwork on the outside, and ways for the students in the post-secondary students with autism program to be involved.