Madonna University's Dubai Partnership Renewed

Dr. Paulsosn, Dr. Dougherty, Dr. Mohamad, and Dr. Dunn pictured together at a table

LIVONIA, MICH. – Last week, leaders from London American City College (LACC), in Dubai, made their first visit to campus since 2019. LACC President Dr. Paulson Mathew Chunkapura, and LACC Dean and Director Dr. Mohamed Kaup renewed the LACC partnership with Madonna University and the School of Business through 2028. 

During their visit, Chunkapura and Kaup met with business faculty and faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences. Dubai students take general education classes for their business degree programs. 

The gentlemen also enjoyed lunch with the Felician Sisters, after which Sister Nancy took them, at their request, to visit Sister Rose Marie's final resting place. 

Dean Tara Kane facilitated some working lunches. "We collaborated on increased support services for student success," she explained. "We are excited that Dubai MBA students are now enrolled in sections with domestic students." 

Students at LACC can earn a Madonna bachelor's degree in business and economics or accounting, or an MBA. All courses are asynchronous and students enjoy live ZOOM sessions when possible. 

"We very much look forward to many more years of collaboration," Kane said.