Madonna University Business Mentorship Program Wrap-Up

Madonna students in a business class

LIVONIA, MICH. – Last Thursday Madonna Rising Star Business Students and their mentors celebrated the wrap -up of their semester-long mentoring relationship. The students and mentors had wonderful things to say about the value of the mentorship program. Most of the students met with their mentor more than just the required four times during the semester. The mentors, a few of whom are members of the Livonia Chamber of Commerce, said that they learned quite a bit from the students.

The project was the brainchild of School of Business Dean Tara Kane, and Phillips Endowed Chair of Leadership and Management Jacob Frimenko (at right top). The two received endorsement from the Livonia Chamber of Commerce, including President Dan West, (at right bottom) and Former Board Chair Cheryl Doelker, Jimmy John's franchisee.

Students from Madonna's BCA program video recorded the students and mentors' comments about the program for use in recruiting more participants for Fall Semester. 

The students pictured below with their mentors include: Devin Romaniw and Doelker, Maci Best and Jeff Prough, Bobby Martin and Mark Lee, Abbey Powell and Ed Holinski, and Jake Bailey and Dan West.

Business Mentorship Program