Madonna Alumni to Showcase Film at the Florida Film Festival

The producers of lady parts smile for the camera

LIVONIA, MICH. – Four broadcast and cinema arts alumni and a music alumnus will premiere their film, Lady Parts, at the prestigious Florida Film Festival in Orlando. Being selected for inclusion in the Festival's "Narrative Features" competition is a high honor. The 10-day celebration of filmmakers and their art features a diverse array of events, including an Oscar accredited American Independent Film Competition. 

The talented broadcast and cinema arts alumni include Nancy Boyd ('18), director; Meghan Griesbeck ('18), producer; Davis Clenney ('18), colorist; Brett Wheat ('11), production assistant; and music major Jacob Eliett ('17), production sound mixer. 

According to the Festival's website, Lady Parts follows the story of Paige, portrayed with hilariously deadpan charm by Valentina Tammaro, as she navigates the challenges of pursuing her dream career in Los Angeles. However, her plans are abruptly halted when she is forced to move back in with her parents and undergo a vulvar vestibulectomy to alleviate years of vaginal pain. The film shows Paige's excruciating yet humorous journey to recovery in which the wellbeing of her lady parts becomes a family affair as her supportive and overenthusiastic parents learn to advocate for women's health. 

Based on the true story of writer/ executive producer Bonnie Gross, Lady Parts offers a heartfelt, laugh-out-loud funny, and brutally honest portrayal of an experience that many women face but often find difficult to discuss. Director Nancy Boyd skillfully brings Gross's story to life, drawing from her own personal experiences and the challenges women encounter in accessing treatment.

"I had the incredible opportunity to direct a feature film for my capstone class at Madonna University," said Nancy Boyd, director. "It gave me a huge leg up when it came to my experience directing. The short films I made helped me hone my voice and understand the craft, but directing a feature film is a beast that you can only really prepare for by doing it. I'm eternally grateful that I had the opportunity at Madonna University, with a soft place to land when I made mistakes." 

BCA Program Director Suzanne Boyd said this about the film and Madonna alumni, "A testament to the talent and dedication of Madonna University alumni, Lady Parts reflects their commitment to storytelling and the craft of filmmaking. Their success at the Florida Film Festival marks a significant milestone in their careers and underscores the program's ongoing legacy of nurturing creative talent." 

Hosted by the historic Enzian Theater, the Florida Film Festival has been recognized as "one of the top 50 festivals" by indieWIRE and as one of the top 10 festivals in the world by festival expert Chris Gore. Nestled among prestigious events like Sundance, Toronto, Cannes, Berlin, and SXSW, the Festival continues to uphold its reputation for excellence in showcasing the finest works of American independent and foreign cinema.

The world premiere of Lady Parts took place at the Enzian Theater, Sunday, April 14, at 5:00 pm., and will run again Wednesday, April 17, at 7:00 pm at the Regal Theater in Orlando. More information about Lady Parts can be found on the Florida Film Festival's website.