From Unsure to Empowered: Madonna Alumna Finds Success in Legal Industry

elizabeth kennett headshot

LIVONIA, MICH. – Elizabeth Kennett '22 (English), began her academic journey at Madonna initially unsure of her path. During her time at Madonna, she soaked up important life skills, ranging from critical thinking and problem solving to perseverance and integrity. Though she left after three years, Kennett returned in her early 30's to pursue her passion for English, eventually carving out a successful career in the legal industry as a law firm manager, in Ann Arbor. 

Despite being a commuter student, she enjoyed campus life and appreciated the helpful and supportive Madonna community, where instructors such as Barbara Laboissonniere stood out for going above and beyond. "My time as a student was filled with fond memories," Kennett said. "I enjoyed forming life-long relationships with not only my peers but some of my instructors as well. I always felt valued as a student and as a member of the Madonna family."

Among her favorite classes were the teaching observation courses, particularly The Exceptional Learner, where she gained insight into working with special needs students. This experience shaped her perspective on education and empathy. 

Kennett credits mentors Kevin Eyster and Jeffrey Cordell for their continuous support and guidance. Their contributions not only equipped her with the necessary skills and knowledge, but also instilled in her a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the educational experience at Madonna that helped her develop into the person she is today; personally and professionally.