Navigating the Major Maze: Finding Your Perfect Fit at Madonna

Students wearing madonna university sweatshirts laugh and smile for the camera

LIVONIA, MICH.As a high school senior, choosing a major can feel like navigating a maze. You’re bombarded with options, each with its own unique path and promise. At Madonna University, we understand this challenge, and we’re here to be your guide.  

While exploring all of your options is crucial, we want to highlight three exceptional programs at Madonna that might be the perfect fit for your aspirations: Nursing, Forensic Science, and Sign Language Studies.  

Nursing: Are you drawn to caring for others and making a tangible difference in their lives? Our accredited nursing program equips you with the knowledge, skills, and compassion you need to thrive in this rewarding field. With experienced faculty and hands-on learning opportunities, you’ll graduate prepared to excel in a variety of healthcare settings.  

An ABSN student smiles for the camera wearing scrubs in front of a wall with the Madonna University ABSN logo

Are you a career changer or looking to complete a degree and interested in nursing?

Learn about our ABSN program and how you could become a nurse in as few as 16 months.


Forensic Science: Do you possess a keen mind and a passion for unraveling mysteries? Our forensic science program will ignite your inner investigator. You’ll delve into fascinating areas like criminalistics, DNA analysis, and crime scene investigation, preparing you for a dynamic career in law enforcement, research, or forensic laboratories.  

Sign Language Studies: Are you passionate about communication and bridging the gap between cultures? Our pioneering sign language program is the first of its kind in the nation. You’ll gain fluency in American Sign Language, explore the Deaf culture, and develop the skills to become a vital link between hearing and deaf communities.  

But why choose Madonna for these specific programs? Here are just a few reasons: 

  • Small class sizes: Enjoy personalized attention from dedicated faculty who are invested in your success. 
  • Cutting-edge facilities: Access state-of-the-art labs, classrooms, and equipment that enhance your learning opportunities.  
  • Real-world experience: Gain valuable hands-on experience through internships, clinical rotations, and research opportunities. 
  • Supportive community: Find your place in a vibrant and inclusive environment where you’ll feel connected and supported. 
  • Career readiness: Graduate with the skills and knowledge employers are seeking, setting you on a path to success in your chosen field.  

Choosing a major is a significant decision, but it doesn’t have to be a daunting one. Explore your interests, discover your strengths, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. At Madonna University, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect fit to reach your long-term goals.  

Ready to take the next step? 

  • Explore our website to find your program: Learn more about our undergraduate programs, including nursing, forensic science, sign language studies, and more.  
  • Schedule a campus visit: Experience our vibrant campus community firsthand and meet with our admissions team, who can help get your questions answered and give valuable insights into the admissions process.  

We believe in the power of personalized education, and we’re dedicated to helping you reach your full potential. Let Madonna University be your guide as you navigate the major maze and discover your personalized path to success.