Making the Most of Your Campus Visit

two girls in madonna t shirts smile for the camera

It's almost time for high school seniors to choose a college to attend in the fall. If you haven't made your decision yet and have upcoming campus visits to help you decide, here are some tips to help you make the most of college visits:

1. Research before you visit

Before your visit, check out the college or university's website to learn more about the size of the campus, program offerings, athletics, campus life, and more! This will help you to avoid any surprises during your visit, and will allow you to prepare any questions you might have ahead of time. Remember, admissions counselors and campus tour guides are here to help! 

2. make the visit your own

Your family may have questions and concerns that they'd like to discuss, but be sure to prioritize your own interests as well! Ask questions about areas of study that interest you, clubs and honor societies, or practical matters like housing options. This will help your campus tour guide give you a more well-rounded picture of whether or not Madonna could be a good fit! 

3. keep an open mind

The wrong fit for someone else could be the perfect fit for you. Experience the campus for yourself. Talk to students and staff about their experiences in class, clubs, and the residence halls. These valuable insights can help you confidently choose the right college! 

4. dress comfortably

Campus tours can sometimes last an hour, and there is a lot of walking involved! If you or anyone joining you may need accomodations, please list them in the visit form.  You'll want to dress comfortably and for the weather, but remember, you are making a first impression on your admissions officer. We recommend not wearing sandals, shorts, tank tops, or pajamas. 

5. get to know your admissions officer

Introduce yourself, ask questions, and build a connection. Remember: there are no stupid questions! Admissions officers are experts on academic programs, resources, and student life. They can answer your specific questions, address any concerns you have, and even connect you with faculty or current students in your area of interest. They're also invested in your success. If there's a unique aspect of your application you want highlight, they can become your advocate during the review process. 

6. meet professors 

Many students are nervous about the transition from high school to college. Our faculty members are genuinely invested in student success, and by meeting with faculty members, you'll see firsthand their approachable nature and dedication to teaching. Our small class sizes allow for more interaction with professors, creating a more supportive learning environment where you don't need to be nervous about asking questions.

7. be honest and reflect

Admissions officers appreciate honest feedback. Madonna University is always striving to provide the best possible experience for its students. Sharing your honest impressions, even if something wasn't quite what you expected, allows them to identify areas for improvement. And, if something about Madonna isn't resonating with you, your admissions officer can use your feedback as an opportunity to explore other academic programs or resources that might be a better match for your interests! 

8. don't be discouraged by the sticker price

Madonna University actively invests in making your education accessible, as 98% of our students receive institutional aid in the form of grants and scholarships. We offer a variety of scholarships and financial aid packages to help bridge the gap between the sticker price and your actual cost of attendance. Our financial aid officers are here to walk you through the process and ensure a Madonna education fits comfortably within your budget. College is an investment in your future, and Madonna University encourages all students to borrow responsibly.

9. return to campus! 

Open houses and campus tours are great, but to truly experience Madonna we encourage you to attend an event on campus! Watch one of our 22 varsity athletic teams play at a home game, attend a performance, or attend a lecture. Check our events calendar to see what's happening during your visit, or plan a return trip to experience what campus is really like.

10. apply!

See yourself thriving both academically and socially at Madonna? Apply now - our application is free! We encourage students to apply before August 5, 2024 to begin in the Fall 2024 semester. Apply today and discover if Madonna University is your perfect college fit!