Madonna University Welcomes You!

We are thrilled to welcome you to Madonna University!

Madonna aims to identify and address any needs or concerns, in order to assist parents & families in supporting their student's success. 

Our objective is to promote open lines of communication and ongoing discussion between Madonna University, families, and students. Our purpose is to support students in their journey to graduation. This website was made to provide information for you, as you support your student, and for us to offer chances for collaborative efforts to encourage their success in school and in their social lives.

In order for families to feel connected to and at home in our community, it is our goal to recognize needs and respond to them. We also want to help members of the community see participation as a thrilling opportunity in their student's college experience.

The intent of this website is to encourage you to have strong communication with your student by providing you with up-to-date information and events occurring outside of the classroom, a Facebook group for support, and other useful resources.


MU Michigan Map

A great education is closer than you think!

Ann Arbor – 30 minutes
Chicago, IL – 4.5 hours
Detroit – 30 minutes
Grand Rapids – 2.4 hours
Kalamazoo – 2 hours
Lansing – 1.3 hours
Toledo, OH – 1.1 hours
Traverse City – 4 hours

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Call the Office of Undergrad Admissions at 734-432-5339

Madonna University Visits You

If you are unable to travel to campus, keep in mind that Madonna University travels in the fall and spring to high schools and cities.