Amount Per Year

   How To Apply


   Pell Grant    Financial need    $636 – $6,195

  FAFSA required for all federal

   Supplemental Educational     Opportunity Grant (SEOG)    Pell Grant, financial need    $100 – $800
   Direct Loans

   Subsidized – eligible
   undergraduate students
   with financial need
   Unsubsidized – eligible
   undergraduate and
   graduate students

   $5,500 - $20,500
   based on class level,
   dependency status,
   remaining loan eligibility
   Federal Work Study (FWS)    Financial need    varies  


   Michigan Tuition Grant
   MI resident, financial need    $2,400  

  FAFSA required for MTG and

   Michigan Competitive
   Scholarship (MCS)
   MI resident, financial need,
   qualifying ACT/SAT score


   Merit Scholarships

   3.0 GPA, admitted, meet
   additional eligibility

   $1,000 – $10,000   Application for Admission
   200+ Endowed
   3.2 GPA, admitted, meet
   additional eligibility
   $175 – $4,500    Madonna Endowed Scholarship
   application available each spring.
   Athletic Awards    Athletic performance    varies    Offered by Head Coaches in the     Athletic Department
   Madonna Grants    Financial need, special
   varies   FAFSA


  • Veteran Benefits
  • Employee Tuition Reimbursement
  • Community Scholarship
  • On-campus Employment
  • Business Partners
   Amounts and requirements vary