All new students will need to complete an orientation prior to beginning at the University. At your orientation, you will hear from multiple areas including: Housing, Financial Aid, Student Life, Academic Advising, First-Year Experience, and more! You will also register for your first semester of classes, meet other new students, and begin building those crucial skills needed in college. 


Orientation: Direct from High School Students 

We are very excited to help you navigate the exciting journey that is college. As you are new to college, you are required to attend orientation to ensure you have all the tools needed for a successful start to your first semester. Please see the information below for how to sign up, steps to take, and what to expect at orientation.

Orientation: Transfer Students

Transfer students who are transferring in 13 or more credits (excluding dual enrollment or AP credit) or students older that 24 years old, have two options to cover the requirement of attending orientation. You can either attend the in-person orientation or complete the online orientation program. We highly recommend the in-person options as this is a great way to get to meet other transfer students.  After either of these options if you still have questions, please email fye@madonna.edu for your individual questions. The online orientation program option is only for transfer students and is not an option for direct from high school students.