Welcome Center Spaces

The Madonna University Welcome Center and Felician Sisters of North America Heritage Center and Archives will span three levels and include more than 28,000 square feet.

Main Floor

This area serves host to the Felician Sisters Heritage Center space, which is being designed and built by the Felician Sisters of North America. The frame and lightweight ceiling atop the Felician space gently illuminates the main floor. The Great Room  of the Welcome Center and Felician Sisters Heritage Center (nearly 3,000 square feet in the north wing) was planned for larger gatherings and events. The south wing will be for everyday use for programs and activities, as it includes an inviting café, art gallery, video rooms, multiple storage areas, and a freight entrance.

Upper Floor

Designed for University use, the upper floor is open to the rest of the building, especially the inspiring view of the Felician Heritage Center. Administrative offices for admissions and University advancement staff will be easily accessible by future students, donors, volunteers, alumni and the general public. Private meeting rooms, restrooms and storage also will be incorporated into the flexible-use space.

Lowest Floor

This floor will house the archives. The Felician archives carve out the largest area of the lowest floor. The archives will be configured to museum-quality conditions for preservation of our Felician Heritage for generations to come. The space will include a reading room and director’s office, and mechanical rooms and air circulation equipment.

Café and Garden

Located in the rear of the building, the café and garden complete the sanctuary-like concept as the fourth wing, which offers a place for reflection and refreshment. Secluded and wrapped by dense forest, this space will offer privacy and peace to all its visitors. The garden will feature nine planters with space for a donated tree from each of the eight (former) Felician Provinces in the United States. The ninth tree, representing Mary, the Madonna, the University’s patron saint, will be featured through the Great Room window facing the garden.

welcome center cross section