Welcome Center Benefits

The Madonna University Welcome Center and Felician Sisters of North America Archives and Heritage Center will serve as a welcoming space where the futures of Madonna students will begin, and where the University’s humble Felician beginnings can be celebrated every day. Generous support for and the successful completion of the Welcome Center campaign will ensure that Madonna remains an institution focused on students.

Successful Mission and Core Values Integration

The successful completion of the Welcome Center will ensure that the spirit and values of the Felician Sisters live on through the successful lives of Madonna’s graduates, who move forward in the spirit of St. Francis as servant leaders in their communities. The inclusion of the Felician Sisters Archives and Heritage Center in the Welcome Center is a physical reminder that the future of the University and each student has its beginnings in the care and compassion of the Felician Sisters.

Increased Admissions

The Welcome Center will be a natural home to the Office of Admissions, where the inviting environment will help future students more easily discover that they belong at Madonna, and put Madonna at the top of their list. As Madonna’s admissions staff realizes additional success, the mission and operations of the University will be further sustained.

Expanding Community Access and Involvement

Madonna University seeks to forge stronger and more vibrant relationships with the businesses, industry and residents of Livonia and neighboring communities. The location and profile of the Welcome Center will add to the availability of community event space. Madonna can be viewed as a community resource for weddings, events, meetings and other gatherings. The rental use of the Great Room will generate supplemental income.

Create Diverse Community and Enhanced Student Experiences

The population of residential students is growing at Madonna University and with it a need for additional space to gather and to interact with one another. The Welcome Center with its meeting rooms, art gallery, and pleasant garden area, will offer needed space in which Madonna’s emerging and robust network of students can better develop life-long friendships and an enduring connection to the University. 

students around a table