Award   Eligibility   Amount Per Year   How to Apply
  Federal    Aid   Pell Grant   Financial need   $590 – $5,815  
  Supplemental Educational     Opportunity Grant (SEOG)   Pell Grant, financial need   $100 – $800  
  Direct Loans   Subsidized – eligible undergraduate     students with financial need
  Unsubsidized – eligible   undergraduate and graduate   students
  $5,500 - $20,500 
 based on class level, dependency   status, remaining loan eligibility

  required for all federal     programs
  Federal Work Study (FWS)   Financial need   varies  
  State   Michigan Tuition Grant (MTG)   MI resident, financial need   $1,830   FAFSA

 required for MTG and MCS
  Michigan Competitive Scholarship (MCS)   MI resident, financial need,   qualifying ACT/SAT score   $1,830
   Madonna   Merit Scholarships   3.0 GPA, admitted, meet additional   eligibility requirements   $1,000 – $10,000   Application for Admission
  200+ Endowed Scholarships   3.2 GPA, admitted, meet additional   eligibility requirements   $175 – $4,500  Madonna Endowed     Scholarship Application (available in March/April)
  Athletic Awards   Athletic performance   varies   Offered by Head Coaches in   the Athletic Department
  Madonna Grants   Financial need, special     circumstances   varies   FAFSA
  • Veteran Benefits
  • Employee Tuition Reimbursement
  • Community Scholarship
  • On-campus Employment
  • Business Partners
  Amounts and requirements vary