Madonna University marketing includes news releases, branding/logo guidelines, guiding principles, graphic identity standards, and licensing. Please contact us with any related inquiries.


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Marketing Team 



Marketing Team

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Branding/Logo Guidelines

A clear and consistent identity showcases the multiple strengths of Madonna University. The consistent use of the graphic identity standards is critical to the effective communication of Madonna University’s identity to its key constituencies such as prospective students, current students, alumni, donors, the media, and others.

This site outlines the University’s graphic identity standards related to wordmarks, Crusaders athletics marks colors and graphic elements that create a strong visual identity, and provides guidelines for use. All Madonna University departments, colleges, offices, units, and affiliates must adhere to these Graphic Identity Standards.

These standards apply to all visual representations of Madonna University, including brochures, newsletters, electronic communications, websites, and signage. The Madonna University wordmark must be prominent in all public communications.

Guiding Principles

Before using the University marks and Crusaders athletics marks, please make sure that use of the marks would:

  • Be consistent with and supportive of the University’s mission of providing a liberal arts education integrated with career preparation and service.
  • Reflect the University’s commitment to vigorous and open inquiry and discourse and to the Franciscan values of respect for others, peace and justice, reverence for creation, and education for truth and service.
  • Recognize that an institution of higher education is a vital and essential component of a diverse, democratic society.
  • Preserve the University’s reputation as a recognized international leader in academic pursuits, research, and service to society.
  • Be in compliance with University policies and codes of conduct.
  • Include truthful and open disclosure of sources of financial support for externally sponsored or funded University activities.
  • Attain a fair financial return to the University for any commercial use of its name or marks.

The use of the University’s name, marks and athletics marks must not:

  • Be associated with activities or entities that bring its integrity or credibility into question. Careful consideration must be taken to protect and respect the University’s reputation and standing.
  • Be used for personal gain.
  • Be used in print or electronic form if it implies commercial or political endorsement of a product, service, project, or individual without prior written authorization of the Marketing Department.

Graphic Identity Standards


The typeface used in the Madonna University wordmark is “Garamond.” 


PMS colors, print 
PMS 287 blue coated PMS 116 yellow coated 
PMS 293 blue uncoated PMS 109 yellow uncoated 
CMYK colors, print [please note: these are general equivalents] 
C80 M40 Y0 K35 (blue) C0 M15 Y75 K0 (yellow) 
RGB colors 
0/83/155 Blue 
255/210/0 Yellow 
003893 blue FCD116 yellow

Correct Use of University and Athletics Logos/Marks

Do not:

  1. alter the mark in any way.
  2. use any part of the mark, including the M w/flame, as part of another word.
  3. redesign, redraw, animate, modify, distort, or alter the proportions of the mark.
  4. surround the mark with—or place in the foreground over—a pattern or design.
  5. rotate or render the mark three-dimensionally.
  6. add words, images, or any other new elements to the mark.
  7. replace the approved typeface with any other typeface.
  8. enclose the mark in a shape or combine it with other design elements or effects.
  9. modify the size or position relationship of any element within the mark.

Downloadable University marks, and Crusaders marks/logos
You will need your Madonna University username and password to access this section. If you do not have a Madonna University username, please email us at marketing@madonna.edu for assistance.

University Seal Use
The Seal is used mainly for presidential and Board of Trustee purposes. Any use for commercial purposes must be approved by the Marketing Department at marketing@madonna.edu. The Seal may be printed in black and white, two-color (blue and gold), or three-color with red.


Vendors interested in participating as a licensed vendor of Madonna University apparel or merchandise should contact SMA at bmonnin@smaworks.com, or 317-669-0808.

In addition to the Madonna University Bookstore, Walgreens at 6 Mile and Newburgh Roads sells licensed Madonna University apparel.

If you have any questions about appropriate usage of the Madonna University or Crusaders logos, please email marketing@madonna.edu and we will be glad to assist you.


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