Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive Orientation information?
Orientation information is mailed out beginning in February. Students admitted after February will receive Orientation information within a few weeks of being admitted.

Do I have to go to Orientation?
Yes, Orientation is a required event that first-year students must attend.

What should I wear to Orientation?
Orientation is a casual event – no need to dress up! Please feel free to dress comfortably.

Can I bring parents or guests with me to Orientation? 
Yes! Parents and guests are strongly encouraged to come with you to Orientation. During Orientation, there is specific programming for parents and guests so they can get their questions answered regarding you starting at Madonna University. Make sure when you RSVP for Orientation, you include the number of guests that will be attending with you so we can plan accordingly.

When will I receive my financial aid award package?
The Office of Financial Aid is in the process of processing award packages. If you have a question about your Financial Aid status, please contact the Office of Financial Aid and let them know you are an incoming first-year student. Each student is assigned their own Financial Aid Officer to handle your case. Find out who your officer is by contacting the office at 734-432-5663 or finaid@madonna.edu.

How many courses should I take?
We recommend first-year students only take 13 to 15 cr. (credit hours), which translates to about three to five courses. This may not seem like a lot, but college courses are different than high school classes; they meet for longer amounts of time and require significantly more work outside of class.

When do I buy my books? How do I know what books to buy?
College is different from high school in the fact that you have to purchase your books for each course! You are able to purchase your books a few weeks before courses start. All you have to do is bring your schedule with you to the Bookstore and the books are laid out in alphabetical order by subject. Professors provide the Bookstore with a list of books required for their courses so that information is available when you purchase your books.

What kind of computer should I have?
Technology Learning Services has a list of recommended specifications for student computers.

Do you have wireless internet on campus?
Wireless internet is available all over campus and in the Residence Hall. It can be accessed by logging in with the same information you use to log in to your student email (my.madonna.edu).

Who do I contact if I have other questions?
If you have any questions regarding any aspect of your first year at Madonna University, you can contact the Office of First-Year Experience at 734-432-5417.