Student Code of Conduct

From the Madonna University Student Handbook
Madonna students, staff, and faculty form a unique educational community dedicated to furthering the University’s educational mission. We take pride in our community. Madonna University strives to provide an inclusive, respectful, supportive, intellectual community we can all be proud of. In order to maximize each student’s college experience and educational potential, all Madonna community members are expected to adhere to University policies.

For students, this means understanding and accepting the Student Code of Conduct as the basis for nurturing our community. The Student Code of Conduct outlines policies and procedures that protect students and it articulates minimum standards for appropriate behavior. Students, faculty, staff and administration have agreed on this Code; therefore, becoming a Madonna student means accepting its rules and general spirit of respect and cooperation. We believe that this Code encourages academic and interpersonal integrity. In addition to adhering to University policies and rules, students are expected to:

  • Show respect and sensitivity for others;
  • Support open communication to enhance our living/learning atmosphere;
  • Be honest in all academic work and know that cheating, plagiarizing, and giving false information will not be tolerated;
  • Help support enforcing Madonna’s rules and regulations, when needed;
  • Respect the University’s physical facilities and individual property;
  • Meet all financial obligations.

As a community, we value our students’ safety and well-being; therefore, violations of this Code will result in disciplinary sanctions through the Vice President for Student Affairs and Mission Integration.

Those charged with the enforcement of this code will at all times endeavor to observe the due process system so that each student is heard in a just and consistent manner including a hearing before the Student Appeal Board as cited in this Student Handbook, when deemed appropriate.

For severe or repeat infractions, the University has the right to dismiss students. All local, state, and federal laws apply to students while on property owned or controlled by the University or when off campus; therefore, disciplinary action may be taken against individuals and/or organizations for misconduct and students may be legally prosecuted.

Every student is responsible for knowing and abiding by the Madonna University Student Code of Conduct. The University reserves the right to alter or add to this Code within the students’ term of enrollment with communication of those changes being given to the members of the University community. We believe that this Code promotes our students’ academic success and personal development. Please take time to familiarize yourself with this Code, as it delineates your rights and responsibilities.

A copy of this code is available to each student online through MyPortal. Students belonging to more than one community at Madonna, i.e., student athletes, residents, student employees, majors requiring licensing and/or certification, are responsible for adhering to the rules and policies of those communities.