Campus Ministry at Madonna University is committed to cultivating the holistic spiritual life of the entire Madonna community by helping to deepen each person’s relationship with God. In collaboration with other groups within the University, Campus Ministry provides opportunities for members of the Madonna community to respond to God's call to engage in a community of faith, pursue a life of service, and advance peace and social justice initiatives in our community and in the world.

Rooted in the spirituality of its founding Felician Franciscan Sisters and of the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church, Campus Ministry advocates the Franciscan values. Campus Ministry welcomes persons of all faiths, while encouraging a spirit of ecumenism and interfaith relationships. The simple goal is to follow the words of St. Francis of Assisi: “Preach the Gospel at all times and, when necessary, use words.”

For more information call 734-432-5839 or email: campusministry@madonna.edu

To receive ongoing information about what is going on during the Fall and Winter semesters, please stop by the office (Room 1408) to fill out a registration card.

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Faith Life groups nurture and support students through Christian leadership and service, liturgical experiences, community prayer, social justice activities, and evangelization toward a renewed community of faith. Groups meet weekly during the school year.

Franciscan Life
Franciscan Life is the student group that works, prays, and plays in various ways to grow in living out the Franciscan values that follow and are the cornerstones of the faith life of this community.

Franciscan Values

  1. Respect for the dignity of each person
    Appreciation of diversity
    Concern for disadvantaged & oppressed people
    Respect for Life
  2. Peace and Justice
    Healing & Reconciliation
    Conflict Resolution & Peacemaking
  3. Reverence for Creation
    Concern for the environment
    Responsible stewardship
    Simple Lifestyle
  4. Education for truth and service
    Liberal arts foundation
    Career preparation
    Service for the common good