Bringing hope to people in Haiti one person at a time

Madonna University brings hope to people in Haiti one person at a time – not just by delivering temporary relief of food or medical services after a natural disaster hits, but also by offering something so powerful that no damaging storm can ever wash it away – an education.

In 2010, Madonna created the only online bachelor’s degree for the tiny island country. It’s a program that offers hope and life-long promise.

Before retiring, former Madonna president Sister Rose Marie visited Haiti after a violent earthquake and knew immediately that something more had to be done for the country beyond temporary relief efforts. So the Madonna Business School staff stepped up to create an online education program for a Bachelor’s in Business Administration.

An extra component has been added since to include English as a second language and leadership training, with a required community volunteer project in their local Haiti communities. It’s the perfect fit for native Haitians who want to stay and help fellow Haitians.

The ongoing result is a blossoming list of Madonna alumni located in Haiti who want to hire future Madonna students as they move up in leadership positions at their companies. The long-term payoff is more Madonna-influenced people holding upper management and political leadership positions, and the positive ramifications that it holds for the impoverished country.

A gift designated to support Haiti will ensure that more Haitian students have access to a Madonna education so that they can continue to change lives in Haiti.

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Madonna Alumnus Yvon Baptiste
Graduated in May, 2015
Major: Business Administration

“The degree received from Madonna University enabled me to accomplish a lot of things in Haiti. Once I graduated from Madonna, I was able to get a better job as well as a better salary. I became more comfortable as a business person. The program is a gift from heaven as it enables many professionals who have completed a two year degree to complete their bachelor’s. A big thank you to the Felician Sisters who granted this program to Haiti.”

Yvon Baptiste - Haitian Alumnus