IMPORTANT: Move-in is not permitted until a student has BOTH a processed Residence Hall Student Enrollment Deposit AND Housing Application submitted. Deposits are processed by our Student Accounts office Monday-Friday. 

Applying for on campus housing is a two-step process consisting of FIRST paying a Residence Hall Student Enrollment Deposit (click the link "Submit Deposit Here" above) and THEN subsequently completing an online Housing Application (only becomes available after the deposit has been paid and processed by our Student Accounts office, which may take a few business days).

Accessing the Housing Application 

After the deposit has been paid and has been processed by our Student Accounts office (again, this may take a few business days after payment), click the "Housing Application" link/button above to access the Madonna University Housing Portal log in screen. Your campus username will be everything before the @ symbol in your Madonna email address (NOT your full email address or your student ID number), and your campus password will be your Madonna email password (NOT your Blackboard password). (New Students:  this information can be found in your Madonna University Welcome Packet/PIN Letter mailed to you by the Registrar's Office and was sent to your personal email). Once logged in to the Housing Portal, the Housing Application can be found at the top of the page under the "Applications & Forms" tab.

PLEASE NOTE:  to access the 2021-2022 Housing Application, you must have a Residence Hall Student Enrollment Deposit submitted AND processed by our Student Accounts office. Deposits may take a few business days to process.

Online Contracts and Deposits

If you plan to live on campus, we encourage you to submit your Housing Deposit and complete a Housing Application online as early as possible in order to assure your room reservation for the academic year. A non-refundable $250 Residence Hall Student Enrollment Deposit is due before submitting your Housing Application. 

You will forfeit your deposit if you do not move into the Residence Hall. A residential student is defined as a student who resides in on-campus housing under a housing contract, and is currently enrolled at the University.

Current residential students who complete and submit their Housing Application BEFORE March 31st will have their current housing deposit rolled over and will not have to submit another deposit.

Current residential students who complete and submit their Housing Application AFTER March 31st MUST remit another housing deposit of $250 before going through Housing Selection.

Housing Accommodations 

Madonna University is committed to the full participation of students in all aspects of college life including their housing experiences. In certain situations, students may need to request special housing accommodations. For more information or to start the request process please contact the Office of Counseling and Disability Resources.


If you have concerns about the policies above, please submit a "Special Academic or Administrative Student Request" form through the Registrar's office.

Madonna University Consolidation Plan

It is Madonna University policy to provide housing for as many residential students as possible. When students sign the housing application, or complete the housing selection process, and choose to live in a multiple occupancy room, they are subject to the consolidation process. The consolidation process involves either reassigning or upgrading students based on occupancy at semester breaks. The consolidation process provides multiple benefits for students and the University:

  1. To provide students with the full college experience by encouraging them to live with a fellow Crusader
  2. To provide for the safety and security of all individuals living on campus by locating students near each other, which also promotes community. 
  3. To promote the Franciscan value of reverence for creation through emphasizing sustainability strategies such as saving electricity, water, heating and air-conditioning costs, and encouraging the community to be more “green.”
  4. To provide residents with the option to experience independent living through the purchase, or “buy out” of the other half of their room mid-way through the semester. 
  5. To support the University’s room pricing schedule, which is based upon total room occupancy.

One month prior to a semester’s end, Residence Life will assess the occupancy of each building, making note of rooms where residents are living alone in a multiple occupancy room. If the space needs to be reallocated, Residence Life may contact the resident(s) and inform them of the following options:

  • The resident may be asked to find another roommate to move into the room by the deadline prescribed by the Housing Coordinator.
  • The resident may be moved into another room where a space is available.
  • The resident may be given the opportunity to “buy out” the room at an additional cost for the rest of the academic year based on availability, capacity and the discretion of Residence Life staff.