General Questions

What are advantages to living on campus?
Be closer to the action! Our Residence Life team is here to help support you 24/7 with live-on professional staff, programming, and a 24-hour front desk. Our main dining hall is located inside our Residence Hall. Your meal plan also allows you to eat at two other on campus dining locations. No need to pay high membership fees. There is a fitness center located inside of our Residence Hall for students to use free of charge. Enjoy Wi-Fi throughout the entire building as well as full cable in every room.

If I cancel my contract, will I get a refund?
Contracts that are canceled are not subject to refund.

Can I sign a one semester housing contract?
Housing contracts are signed for a full academic year. Mid-year contracts will be available if space permits. Any contracts that are broken mid-year are subject to loss of deposit.

Room Questions

What do the rooms look like?
To see room layouts, please see the housing options page.

How will I find out my room assignment and roommate?
During the summer you will receive communication from the Office of Residence Life with who your roommate is and what room you have been assigned to.

Can I have a private room?
Private rooms are available for students. These rooms are in high demand and contain a waitlist.

What furniture and appliances are available?

Please see page 6 & 7 in the Madonna University Move-In Guide.

Roommate Questions

How will you match me with a roommate?
You will receive a survey via email from the Office of Residence Life. The information in this survey is used to match you with a roommate based on your preferences for noise, visitors, sleeping habits, and study habits.

Can I choose my roommate?
In the survey you receive via email from the Office of Residence Life containing information on your living habits, there will be a place to request a roommate. You will need to know this student’s first and last name. In order for roommates to be matched BOTH parties must request one another.

What happens if I do not get along with my roommate?
First, talk with your roommate about what is bothering you. Much of the time, problems can be worked out simply by communicating directly with them. If that doesn't work, speak with your RA or RC and they can help you resolve the issue. At the beginning of the semester, it is important to be genuine and honest with your roommate.

Amenities Questions

Is cable television available?
A TV connection is provided in each bedroom and each living room. We offer over 80 different channels. If you need help with your cable, please contact the front desk.

What type of laundry services are available?
Laundry rooms are located on the ground floor of each wing. All washers and dryers require $0.75 per load of laundry payable in quarters.

How will I receive packages on campus?
All mail and packages are sorted daily. Students will receive mail in their designated mailbox. Package slips are placed in student mailboxes and packages can be retrieved at the residence hall front desk.

The on-campus address for residential students is as follows:
Room #
14221 Levan Road
Livonia, MI 48154

Parking and Transportation

Can I have a car on campus?
Students are allowed to have a vehicle on campus. Registration and a parking pass is required for all students and guest and can be obtained from our Public Safety department.

Can I have a bicycle on campus?
Bicycles are allowed on campus, but are required to stay outside in the provided bike racks. A no-cost registration is required. You can register your bicycle at the residence hall front desk.

Housing Policies

What are the quiet hour policies?
Quiet hours are from 11 p.m. to 11 a.m. However, the residence hall does observe 24-hour courtesy hours, which means that members of the community may ask residents to keep the noise level down at any time. During the last two weeks of the semester the residence hall observes a 24-hour quiet hour policy.

Is there a curfew?
Madonna Residence Life does not have a curfew, but encourages students to make responsible choices to remain healthy and prepared for classes.

Am I allowed to have a pet?
Pets are not allowed in the residence hall. The only exception to this policy are fish that are kept in a tank under 5 gallons and service animals.

Is alcohol allowed in the Residence Hall?
Madonna University is a dry campus. Therefore, there is no alcohol permitted on campus including the Residence Hall.

Can I have a guest?
Guests are allowed to visit the residence hall once signed in at the residence hall front desk. Guests may be in the building from 9 a.m.-12 a.m. Sunday-Thursday and 9 a.m.-2 a.m. Friday-Saturday. Residents may fill out an overnight guest form at the residence hall front desk in order to have a guest of the same sex stay overnight. Guests of opposite sex are not allowed overnight stay. Any guests under the age of 18 must have pre-approval from the Dean of Students before an overnight stay is permitted.