We are excited for your arrival!

Students who have been admitted to Madonna University for the upcoming semester should complete the International Arrival Form and Orientation RSVP form before their arrival. It is important that the form be completed as soon as possible.

International Arrival Information Form
You can find the arrival form.

In order to complete the International Arrival Form, you will need to know your Madonna student ID#, which can be located in the Remarks section of your I-20 (Remarks: MU ID# 123456). The arrival form will ask for information pertinent to your study and arrival at Madonna University, including:

  • Personal Information (Name, birthdate, ID#, email, etc.)
  • Arrival date and time
  • Flight information (if applicable)
  • Housing information (on-campus or off-campus)
  • ESL testing reservation (if applicable)

You do not need to have all information in order to begin the arrival form. Please fill out each section as soon as you have the information available. If any of your information should change, you can edit or add to your form by re-completing the changed section. Each time you add to the form, you must enter your personal information, but you do not need to re-enter any information that has not changed.

Example: If your flight time changes, you will need to re-enter the information in the Arrival and Flight Time section, as well as the Personal Information, but you will not need to re-enter the Housing or ESL information if it has not changed.

International Orientation RSVP Form
Orientation Program for New International Students introduces you to our wide range of academic, social, and service opportunities. This Orientation Program is specifically for international students who are coming to Madonna from abroad or local transfer schools.

International Orientation is required  for all new international students. Important information that is not covered will be in the domestic or transfer orientations. 

Orientation RSVP

Orientation Schedule

Maps and Directions