Gain valuable work experience while earning your graduate degree!

Graduate assistantships (GA) are awarded as financial support for eligible graduate students. They are intended to facilitate progress toward the earning of a graduate degree.

All graduate assistantships benefit both the graduate student and the academic or administrative unit. The unit receives assistance from the supported graduate student and the GA receives work experience and mentorship in research, teaching, coaching, or administration which is intended to facilitate professional development.

Graduate assistantships are available for a 12-month or academic year appointment. Individual academic and non-academic departments are responsible for recommending students for assistantship awards, establishing a job description, work schedule, and evaluation of the assistantship experience. A graduate assistant’s work schedule must not exceed 20 hours per week. GA awards are granted for a designated semester in which the student is enrolled.

Types of Assistantships

Administrative Assistantship (AA)

Academic and non-academic units may employ graduate Administrative Assistants (AAs). The AA generally serves the department/unit/office in an administrative support role. Duties may vary by department or office but will generally include some or all of the following: responsibility for project support, clerical assistance, and/or data management; gathering, organizing information; assisting with project/program implementation and or evaluation.

Coaching Assistantship (CA)

The CA assists a Head Coach with the administration of one or more intercollegiate teams. Duties vary by sport and may include some or all of the following: coaching and instruction, recruitment and evaluation, travel management, roster management, and athletic administration.

Teaching Assistantship (TA)

The TA serves the department under the direction and close supervision of a full-time faculty member. Duties may vary by discipline or department but will generally include some or all of the following: teaching responsibility for a laboratory, clinical or discussion session of a course, assisting a faculty member in the grading, advising, and course-related administrative duties


  • GAs must achieve regular admission status in a Graduate degree program
  • GAs must enroll in at least 6 semester hours of graduate degree coursework consistent with their plan of study in each semester.
  • International GAs must enroll in 9 semester hours of graduate degree coursework consistent with their plan of study for the fall and winter semesters.
  • GAs must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better, demonstrate satisfactory academic progress and adhere to the University Code of Conduct.

Benefits of Graduate Assistantships


  • Gain expertise in the field of study
  • Enhance research skills
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Acquire teaching skills
  • Develop coaching expertise
  • Acquire administrative experience in the academic setting
  • Receive tuition and remuneration to assist with educational expenses
  • Experience an opportunity to influence undergraduate students
  • Enhance their connection with other graduate students/GAs
  • Enjoy an opportunity to contribute to the department/school/college, and University


Assistantship Opportunities

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Job Description Athletics - Football: Defense Apply
Job Description Athletics - Football: Offense Apply

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