Board Members

Diane Burgermeister

Diane Burgermeister, PhD, RNNursing

Diane Burgermeister, PhD, RN

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Janice Cecil

Janice Cecil, DNPNursing

Janice Cecil, DNP

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Dr. Clara Chen

Clara Chen, PhDBusiness

Clara Chen, PhD

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Gladyck Headshot

Stephanie Gladyck, PhDArts & Sciences

Stephanie Gladyck, PhD

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Rachel Mahas

Rachel Mahas, PhD, MS, MPHCommunity Representative

Rachel Mahas, PhD, MS, MPH

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Elizabeth Prough, PhDDirector

Elizabeth Prough, PhD

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Christine Seguin

Christine Sequin, EdD  Visual Arts Education

Christine Sequin, EdD 

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Sue-Ann Sharma

Sue Sharma, PhDEducation

Sue Sharma, PhD

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Kenneth Thiel

Kenneth Thiel, PhDPsychology, Chair

Kenneth Thiel, PhD

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Image of Dr. Mary Urisko

Mary Urisko, JD Paralegal Studies

Mary Urisko, JD

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Institutional Review Board Charge

The purpose of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) is to demonstrate the respect and value for human dignity held by Madonna University through ensuring that the rights and welfare of human subjects are protected in biomedical or behavioral research. The Committee follows Federal Regulations set forth by the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS).

The IRB is a faculty standing committee. That is, the Faculty Affairs Committee appoints members of the IRB on a rotating basis for 3-year terms at the beginning of each academic year. Board representation includes faculty from the five academic divisions, the Director of the Center for Research, and one outside (non-university) member.

IRB Objectives

  • Review proposals for adherence to DHHS guidelines for the protection of human subjects involved in research activities conducted by students, faculty, and staff sponsored by Madonna University.
  • Review proposals for adherence to DHHS guidelines for the protection of Madonna University students, faculty, and staff as subjects of research activities conducted at Madonna University by external agencies.
  • Assist in reducing Madonna University’s exposure to legal liability that could arise if unethical practices were used in research projects involving human subjects.
  • Maintain protocol to allow for systematic review of applications for use of human subjects for research purposes (exempt, expedited, and full review).