Develop specialized skills with a Pre-Professional Certificate

  • Letters of Recommendation from professors who personally know you
  • Networking opportunities with other students and graduates
  • Small classes accord one on one contact with instructors
  • State of the art science laboratory facilities


Faculty Bios

Maria KuhnAssistant Professor

B.S. Wayne State University



Franciscan Center S217-T

Maria Kuhn

Maria Kuhn is an Assistant Professor in Physical & Applied Science. She joined the full time faculty at Madonna University in 1989. She teaches Biochemistry, a survey course in Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Organic Chemistry. Her favorite class to teach is Biochemistry. Her interests are in proteins, particularly protein evolution and folding.

She is the pre-professional advisor in the College of Science & Mathematics, and the faculty mentor for Sigma Zeta (national honor society for Science & Math majors). She recently worked with St. Mary Mercy Hospital to start up a program there for pre med/pre PA students to work in the emergency room.

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