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Philosophy uses the gift of human reason to explore the “big questions” about the nature of reality and of the human person, about human meaning, purpose, and values, about the nature of God, and about how to live.  Philosophy at Madonna examines these questions from diverse perspectives, encouraging critical thinking about them, while giving particular attention to the Catholic ethical and philosophical tradition.  Madonna offers a minor in Philosophy.

Degrees Offered



 Religious Studies

Religious Studies explores the “big questions” at the heart of our existence, theological questions that lead to reflection upon the divine revelation to humankind, that opens the door to a deeper relationship with God. 

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 Pastoral Ministry

Pastoral Ministry  assi sts you in exploring how you can make a difference while living out your commitment to your faith. Pastoral studies can help prepare you for service in parishes or church communities, in children's, youth, young adult, or other ministries.

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Faculty Bios

Robert MicallefAssistant Professor

M.A., California State University Dominquez Hills

B.A., Madonna University


734-432-5759, 2408

Robert Micallef

Prof. Robert Micallef is an instructor in the RST and Philosophy department. He completed his MA at California State University in 1995. He joined the full-time faculty of Madonna University in 1996. He teaches in the area of ethics and he is the lead instructor in several professional ethics courses. His interests include the impact of climate change on politics, the ethical impact of breakthroughs in biogenetics, neo-apartheid social division, migration, stateless human populations, the resurgence of contemporary fascism, natural rights theory, alternative political theory, continental philosophy, critical theory, film as moral philosophy, the contemporary novel, world literature, and science fiction as philosophy.

Robert is actively engaged in the philosophy community through active membership in various organizations and study groups, where he edits and reviews research for various publishers and journals. He is currently part of a group organizing faculty research colloquiums and ‘philosophy on tap’ as a way to resurrect Public Philosophy. He is active in a community outreach program where he lectures on philosophical topics to senior citizens. His research is focused on the area of ideology, psychological denial and how they distort our perceptual models of reality and compromise ethical judgment.

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