Why Study Psychology at Madonna University?

  • Full-time faculty with career experience practicing in the areas of clinical and research psychology.
  • Adjunct faculty who bring a wealth of experience from an array of sub-disciplines within the field, including forensic, industrial/organizational, and child psychology.
  • A choice of two different concentrations within the major (I.e., general psychology and mental health) giving students the chance to specialize in a content area that will best prepare them within their career goals.
  • Individualized, student-led research opportunities.
  • Active chapter of PSI CHI, the national psychology honor society.
  • Bachelor’s Degree opens the door to dozens of different careers.

Certificates & Extracurriculars

Your Future

Psychology Concentrations


Students graduating with the psycholgoy major-general concentration pursue employment in many different areas, including community and social services, residential care, and human resources. The psychology major is also excellent preparation for graduate study in the areas of law and business.

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Mental Health

Students graduating with the psychology major mental health concentration are prepared for entry-level positions in mental health and socials service agencies. They are trained to provide basic clinical services as psychological technicians, case managers, or crisis intervention workers. Students are often hired by the agency where they completed their field placement.

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Faculty Bios

Dorella L. BondAssociate Professor and Chairperson

Ph.D., Boston University

M.Div., Yale University

B.A., Baldwin-Wallace University


734-432-5735, 1217

Dorella L. Bond

Throughout my lifetime I have been devoted to the creative process, initially as a musician then as an active supporter and dedicated listener. More recently that interest has extended into curiosity about the expression of creativity by those outside the arts, most notably through the study of the creative personality in technology. Conference presentations based on that research helped me value the struggle faced by those with creative vision. Not only do they encounter their own difficulty expressing that vision, but at the same time they need to overcome resistance from others to the pursuit of new ideas and directions. This work has informed both my teaching and my practice.

In addition to Personality Theory, I teach courses in applied psychology and conduct the seminar for students completing their field placement in the Mental Health Concentration. Advising for undergraduate students is a central part of my work on campus. As Department Chair, I oversee all departmental activities and serve on the Chairs Council and the Academic Technology Committee.

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Kenneth J. ThielAssistant Professor

Ph.D., Arizona State University

B.S., Wayne State University


734-432-5776, 1221

Kenneth J. Thiel

Early in my career I investigated the neural mechanisms of drug addiction, primarily through the use of lab rats. Following my time in the world of animal research, I decided to take a position as a Research Psychologist with the U.S. Army. I spent several years traveling across the country to many of our outstanding military installations and working with Soldiers suffering from some of the "invisible" wounds of the war (i.e., posttraumatic stress disorder and/or traumatic brain injury). I was also part of a longitudinal study in which we administered neurocognitive test batteries and drew blood for genetic/proteomic testing from hundreds of Soldiers prior to their first deployment with the hope that this information might better help us identify some key behavioral and neurochemical predispositions to developing combat-related psychological disorders.

I am currently Chair of Madonna's Institutional Review Board, and I am the Faculty Advisor for Psychology Club and Psi Chi (Psychology's Honors Society).

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