Develop specialized knowledge of American History and Government

Build a strong foundation in American history and political systems with Madonna University's Certificate in American History & Government.  This versatile program equips you with specialized knowledge and opens doors to diverse career paths in education, government, law, business, and beyond. 

Earn a Certificate in American History & Government to:

  • Enhance your understanding of American history and government
    Gain a comprehensive perspective on the nation's political, social, economic, and cultural development through engaging courses like: 
    • United States to 1900: Explore the colonial era, the Civil War, and America's rise as a global power. 
    • United States in the Modern Era: Analyze the impact of globalization on American society and its role in shaping contemporary issues. 
    • American Government: Delve into the structure and functions of national, state, and local governments, equipping you to understand current political debates. 
  • Expand your career possibilities
    This certificate complements various undergraduate degrees and prepares you for diverse professional opportunities. 
  • Gain a competitive edge
    Differentiate yourself from other graduates by showcasing your specialization in American history and government.

Career Opportunities

Imagine a career where you investigate historical mysteries, influence public policy, or captivate young minds with stories of the past. With Madonna University's Certificate in American History & Government, these exciting possibilities are within reach. 

Beyond the classroom, your knowledge opens doors to diverse and rewarding careers: 

Become a History Detective:

  • Archival Services: Unearth hidden treasures in historical archives, preserving the past for future generations
  • Museum Curator: Curate captivating exhibits, bringing history to life for museum visitors
  • Intelligence Analyst: Utilize historical insights to inform national security strategy and decision-making

Shape the Future:

  • Government Affairs: Influence public policy and advocate for change at local, state, or federal levels. 
  • Foreign Service Officer: Represent the United States abroad, promoting diplomacy and international cooperation
  • Political Consultant: Analyze election trends and craft winning campaign strategies. 

Educate and Inspire: 

  • History Teacher: Spark a passion for history in young minds and shape the next generation of informed citizens. 
  • University Professor: Share your expertise with students and conduct cutting-edge research on historical topics. 
  • Education Outreach Specialist: Develop engaging programs that make history accessible to diverse communities. 

Expertise in American History and Government opens doors to:

  • Law: Legal research, advocacy, and compliance.
  • Business: Market research, public relations, and corporate governance.
  • Media: Journalism, editorial writing, and documentary production. 
  • Non-Profit Organizations: Program development, fundraising, and community engagement. 

Please note that while Madonna University's Certificate in American History & Government equips you with a strong foundation in the field, many of the exciting careers mentioned above may require further education or professional certifications. This certificate serves as a robust starting point, preparing you for further academic pursuits like graduate programs or entry-level positions in your chosen field. 


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Faculty Bios

Dennis BozykChair, History and Paralegal Studies Director, General Studies Program

M.A., University of Michigan


734-432-5547, 2400

Dennis Bozyk

Professor Dennis Bozyk presently serves as Chair of the Department of History. He earned his M.A. in History from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and completed his doctoral course work in the History of International Relations at Michigan State University.

He offers classroom and online courses at the undergraduate and graduate level to Madonna's on-campus students and to international students in Dubai, China and Haiti. He has received the Faculty Excellence Award from the university and continues to place the highest priority on advising and teaching.

Bozyk has presented scholarship in the discipline of history and in the theory and practice of university teaching and learning.

Bozyk has been awarded individual grants from such prestigious groups as the Kellogg Foundation and the Lilley Endowment, and has participated in university grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Michigan Humanities Council.

He is a member of several scholarly organizations related to history, including the American Historical Association and the Historical Association of the United Kingdom.

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Paul RadzilowskiAssociate Professor

Ph.D., University of Southern California

M.A., University of Southern California

B.A., University of Minnesota Minneapolis


734-432-5637, 2406

Paul Radzilowski

Paul Radzilowski holds degrees from the University of Minnesota and the University of Southern California.

He has taught History at Madonna University since 2003, especially world and European history, and historical methods, but he also has experience in teaching a variety of Humanities courses, and has led study abroad trips.

He has taught classes for graduate, undergraduate, and high school special enrollment students.

His research interests include micro-history, the study of culture and religion in Late Medieval Poland, and the interrelations of history and philosophy.

He has been published in journals such as Polish Review, Catholic Social Science Review, and Logos, and has held grants, which include an IIE Fulbright Grant.

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