Enhance your degree with a certificate in Addiction Studies

The addiction studies program enables you to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities to recognize addictions in all its forms as a disease and understand prevention and treatment approaches across the lifespan and across diverse cultural groups. Course content is updated regularly and new courses are developed to meet the needs of students, interested community members, and professional practitioners.

You will delve into the biological, social, psychological, and spiritual aspects of addiction and recovery. You will learn about the value of 12-step, peer-supported and self-help groups for persons with addictive disorders. Evaluating public policy related to funding prevention and treatment programs and other pertinent policy matters will be addressed.

You can choose from a wide variety of courses including many electives that fit your needs and interests. Examples of electives include, but are not limited to: Diverse Populations; Counseling Models; Prevention; Substance Use and HIV; Recovery and Spirituality; Neurobiology of Drug Addiction; Grief and Loss; Women and Addiction: Gender Responsive Approaches; and Disordered Gambling. Take advantage of internship opportunities to put your knowledge of and interest in addictions into practice.



Social Work MSW

The Master of Social Work (MSW) degree is required for advanced clinical or macro practice, and is in high demand for employers seeking social work professionals who can work with clients and provide leadership in the agency and community. 

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Humane Studies

As a student in Humane Studies you will become part of an exciting, cutting-edge field based on the idea of the interconnectedness of social justice, sustainability, and animal protection. 

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Faculty Bios

Irena GloverChair, Social Work Department Director,
MSW Program
Associate Professor, Social Work

B.A University of Detroit Mercy

MSW Wayne State University

Ph.D, Walden University



Irena Glover

Irena Glover, Ph.D, LMSW, Joined the Social Work Department at  Madonna University in August 2017 as an Assisstant Proffessor. She earned a B.A in Developmental Phsycology from the University of Detroit of Mercy in 1998. She went to eran her MSW in 2000 from Wayne State University. In 2016, Irena earned her Ph.D in Human Services with a Specilization in Family Studies and Intervention Strategies.

Prior to arriving at Madonna, Irena worked in various  settings, including Children Hospital of Michigan and the Family Reunification Program. She also have  experience with nonprofit and Program Development. Her interest includes parenting  education, father engagement, Working with at risk children and youth, Intergenerational issue such as poverty and teenage pregnancy, and individual and family counceling. 

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Carla Spight- MackeyDMin, LMSW-C&M Specialist, SATS
Coordinator, Addiction Studies

Carla Spight- Mackey

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