The Prior Learning Assessment Program provides students with an opportunity to earn college credit for the learning you have acquired through work and life experience. Madonna University recognizes that what is important is not where, when, and how you learned, but what you learned.  The program will help you reframe your learned job skills into a more interesting and fulfilling understanding of your experiences, while simultaneously transforming your work attitudes, values, and habits, and potentially earning college credit toward your undergraduate degree.

Madonna University Office of Student Advising and Success is prepared to support your effort to achieve your goals through the Prior Learning Assessment Program.  Your learning experiences could save you money and time by earning college credit to:

  • Prepare you for future opportunities by completing your undergraduate degree
  • Enhance your skills and make you more productive
  • Advance in achieving your career and vocational goals
  • Increase your earning potential in your current or future employment opportunities
  • Enrich your mind by experiencing learning in a different way

We welcome you to explore this wonderful opportunity with us. Please contact the Office of Student Advising and Success at 734-432-5417 or MUadvising@madonna.edu to speak with a Prior Learning Assessment Program Advisor for additional information.

Prior Learning Credit Evaluation Form

Information and Application Process