Ford Community Corps Grant

Project Title

Social Media Marketing via Instagram: A Donor Behavior Analysis Using Machine Learning and Network Analysis

Project Summary 

This project implemented an Instagram fundraising app for Fish and Loaves Community Food Pantry to attract more donors to donate to the communities Fish & Loaves server.  Fish and Loaves Food Pantry is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help low or no-income populations facing issues of hunger in Michigan. We designed and implemented an Instagram marketing app to promote donations by churches and businesses to Fish & Loaves. We integrated both donation behavioral and marketing models and designed a 28-day Instagram campaign to attract donor awareness to the on-going need for financial contributions to help food insecure people who lack of nutritious food.  We analyzed human behaviors of the apps navigation and the results were used for improving marketing strategies and donations.

Ford Community Corps Project


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Contact Project PI: Prof Adela Lau (slau@madonna.edu)