Fish and Loaves Marketing Innovation

Project Title

Fish and Loaves Innovation Competition: An Inforgraphic for Social Media Marketing Design

Project Summary

Fish and Loaves Food Pantry is a non-profit organization.  Its mission is to help low or no-income populations facing issues of hunger in Michigan.  It partnered with the Center for Business Development to initiate a service learning project on social media marketing to attract potential donors.  In the MIS 2390 Emerging Trends in Computer Technology course, twenty students participated in the project in Fall 2018.  The students were divided in into 4 groups.  Each group designed and created an infographic to demonstrate their marketing strategic plan.  Social media technologies such as Facebook, Twister and Instagram were used in the marketing strategic plan.  To accelerate students' experimental learning, Fish and Loaves organized an innovative competition on the use of social media marketing for our students.   There were 4 awards including: 1) Innovation and Professional Creativity, 2) Team Spirit, 3) Global Outlook and Knowledgeable, and 4) Leadership and Risk Taker award.  The project culminated with an awards ceremony celebrated on Dec 12, 2018.  

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Contact Project PIs : Prof Adela Lau (slau@madonna.edu)