Big Data Analytics Business Challenge Competition

The Center for Business Development in School of Business of Madonna University has organized a big data analytics business challenge competition in 2019 to promote the interest of students and companies in using big data analytics for business.  The competition encourages students to develop innovative solutions with big data analytics methods and tools for solving current hot topics/problems in various industries including business, marketing, finance, accounting, healthcare, logistics management, etc.  The competition serves as a platform for local industries and institutions to share knowledge, innovation and experience on the application of big data in business analytics and promote how using big data solutions to enhance business competitions.  In this competition, our students are also benefiting with gaining hands-on experience on applying what they learnt in school of business data analytics class and took a professional business analytics certificate sponsored by Qlik Academic Program. For the details of the competition, please download the competition leaflet.

List of Company Projects in this Competition:

The following companies offered a real business problem to our students for this competition.

1. Social Media Marketing Analysis (Fish and Loaves Community Food Pantry)

2. HealhtTech Finance Market Analysis (Vision Real Capital)

3. Operational Risk Analysis and Monitoring (The Big 4 Consulting Firm)

4. Marketing and Pricing Stategies Analysis (The Big 4 Consulting Firm)

5. Consumer Behavior Analysis (The Big 4 Consulting Firm)

6. Environmental Risks on Fund Performance Analysis (Fund Investment Firm)