Take Your Design to the Next Level

Embark on a creative journey in Madonna University’s Graphic Design program, where you’ll receive instruction from industry professionals and gain hands-on experience with real-world projects.

Develop a strong foundation in graphic design software, typography, and concept development, preparing you to create impactful designs for logos, advertising, packaging, web, and more.  

Unleash Your Creative Potential

Immerse yourself in a stimulating learning environment that fosters creativity and innovation. Our dedicated faculty will guide you through a comprehensive curriculum that covers the essential aspects of graphic design, ensuring you graduate with the skills and knowledge to excel in the industry.

Why Consider a Career in Graphic Design? 

Do you have a passion for visual storytelling and a knack for creating eye-catching designs? If so, a career in graphic design could be the perfect fit for you. Graphic designers are in high demand across a wide range of industries, and they play a crucial role in shaping the visual communication that surrounds us every day.  

As a graphic designer, you’ll have the opportunity to express your creativity and bring ideas to life through visual elements. You might create logos, illustrations, advertisements, packaging designs, or even web interfaces. You will work to help communicate messages, evoke emotions, and capture attention in a constantly evolving visual landscape.  

The field of graphic design offers a multitude of career paths to suit your interests and skills. You might specialize in advertising design, creating eye-catching campaigns that promote products or services. You might become a branding specialist, crafting unique identities for companies and organizations. Or, you could focus on web design, ensuring that websites are both visually appealing and easy to navigate. Graphic design is not just about aesthetics; it’s also about making a real impact. Your designs can inform, educate, and inspire people. You can help to raise awareness of important issues, promote social change, or simply bring a smile to someone’s face.  

Skills You’ll Gain 

A graphic design degree will equip you with a diverse set of skills, including: 

  • Visual communication: understanding how to use visual elements to convey messages effectively 
  • Design software proficiency: Mastering industry-standard software like Adobe Creative Suite 
  • Typography: Understanding the principles of typography and how to use fonts effectively 
  • Color theory: Knowing how to use color and create mood, evoke emotions, and enhance visual communication.  
  • Concept development: Developing strong ideas and concepts behind your designs 
  • Problem-solving: Identifying design challenges and finding creative solutions. 
  • Collaboration: Working effectively with others to achieve common goals  

Program Highlights 

  • Hands-on learning: gain practical experience through real-world projects and internships. 
  • Industry-standard software: Master the latest graphic design software tools. 
  • Experienced faculty: learn from industry professionals who bring their expertise to the classroom. 
  • Collaborative environment: work alongside fellow students to develop creative solutions. 
  • Strong alumni network: benefit from the support and mentorship of successful Madonna University graphic design alumni.  

Join a Thriving Community of Creative Minds 

Madonna University’s Graphic Design program is more than just a degree; it’s a gateway to a vibrant community of creative individuals. Engage with your peers, collaborate on projects, and discover the power of teamwork in a supportive and stimulating environment.  

Launch your graphic design career with confidence by choosing Madonna University. Our comprehensive program provides you with the skills, knowledge, and experience you need to succeed in the dynamic world of graphic design.  


Student Success

Jacob O'Connell, '17

Graphic Design Alumni Jacob O'Connell

"I am a Jr. Motion Designer at GSTV in Detroit. I create motion graphics for the TV screens that you see at gas station pumps! Here (see above) is an example of my fun work!"

"What I liked about the Madonna University Graphic Design program was that the professors really helped lay down the groundwork to allow yourself to succeed. Robin, in particular, was a solid teacher and went out of her way to find opportunities for her students to grow independently of her classes."


The Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design Features:

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Hands-on Learning

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Industry Standard Software

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Experienced Faculty

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Collaborative Environment

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Strong Alumni Network

Faculty Bios

Dr. Kathleen EdelmayerAssistant Professor

PhD., Wayne State University

M.A., Central Michigan University 

B.A., Wayne State University



Dr. Kathleen Edelmayer

Dr. Kathleen M. Edelmayer is a Professor of Communication. She joined Madonna University in 2003 after having been the Chair of the Humanities Division at St. Mary’s College of Ave Maria University. Previously, she was Director of Debate at Illinois State University, Assistant Director of Forensics at St. Olaf College, and Visiting Assistant Professor at Albion College. She earned a Ph.D. in Communication and a B.A. in Economics from Wayne State University. Her M.A. in Communication is from Central Michigan University.

Dr. Edelmayer teaches interpersonal communication, argumentation and persuasion, small group communication, and political campaign communication. Her research areas are religious and political communication, teaching methods, and administrative issues. She is very involved in Madonna University’s Study Abroad program, having led programs to Ireland and Poland/Prague.

She is very active in the professional community. She currently serves the National Communication Association as a member of the legislative assembly and the leadership team of the Undergraduate College and University Section of NCA. She has served as president of the Religious Communication Association, executive board member of the Central States Communication Association, and finance committee chair of the American Forensics Association.

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Robin M. WardInstructor, Graphic Design

M.A.T., Madonna University

B.F.A., College for Creative Studies


734-432-5710, 1609

Robin M. Ward

One of Robin’s favorite parts of teaching is staying actively connected to her former students as they move powerfully into the design field and become talented colleagues. It’s a delightful and common testament that graduates from Madonna University's Graphic Design program consistently reach back, expressing their gratitude, visiting with current graphic design students, and requesting Madonna Graphic Design students as interns or employees.

In addition to teaching, Robin has had a long career in graphic design, working for ad agencies, in house graphic design departments, and running her own graphic design and illustration business. Maintaining an active connection to Detroit’s graphic design community allows her to remain in tuned to current trends and technologies in the business as well as providing valuable lessons and connections with real world perspective for her students’ enrichment.

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