Company Collaborations

Cross Disciplinary and International Focus

The center focuses on multi- or inter-disciplinary, multicultural, cross-country market and virtual team studies.  It aims to form a team with multiple skills to research an area for innovative creation.  Through the multidisciplinary group, each team member can learn new way of thinking, expand their skill-set through working with different disciplines, cultural background, and countries.   

Types of Collaboration

The potential collaborations are listed below.

  • Service Learning
  • Capstone Project
  • Applied Research
  • Grant Application Development
  • Consultancy
  • Professional Development
  • Virtual Internships
  • Joint Publications

Service Learning

Service learning allows a company to offer a learning opportunity to our students in a real working environment.  The service-learning activities include but are not limited to community services, onsite visit, field study and company research, and will be integrate into our coursework for real world training allowing students to apply what they are studying to a real work environment while serving the community.

Capstone Project

The capstone project allows students to gain opportunities to apply what they have learned in class to solve an industrial problem. The capstone project simulates a real industrial working environment on teamwork.  Students learn how to communicate with industry professionals and learn the problem-solving strategies of the working professional.  Students are able to learn from practice. Companies gain exposure to new methodologies, technologies and innovative solutions to solve their problem.

Applied Research

In order to apply the academic theories in real world practices, applied research collaboration is a platform that provides opportunities for faculty experts and companies to work together to research and develop an innovative application or business solution.  This collaboration can be extended to working with our students and the companies’ staffs as a team for business problem solving, idea generation, innovative product design, and case study analysis etc.

Grant Application Development

The center provides opportunity for companies and faculty experts working together to apply for grants for applied research.  Companies and the faculty experts work together to develop new applications, tools and methods, and convert the research output into a commercialized product.  Benefits can include reduction of cost to hire outside experts.


Companies can access our faculty experts to develop innovative solutions for consultation.  Company and faculty experts work together to generate new ideas and solutions, and apply the theories and concepts to business problems and real practices.  This closes the gaps between academic and industrial knowledge and practices and helps the industries to discover new insights.

Professional Development

It provides opportunities for companies or associations to access our faculty for staff training.  Areas of expertise include data analytics, innovation creation, knowledge management, intelligent marketing, intelligent supply chain management, corporate financial management, accounting best practices, leadership, human resource management, retail management, and hospitality.  The training format can be a company certificate, workshop, seminar and/or professional mentoring. Professional development  can be arranged on-site or at our campus. 

Virtual Internships

Virtual internship is a new idea to allow companies to offer a short-term internship to our students virtually.  Businesses such a marketing and data analytics are suitable for creating a virtual work environment for students and companies work together.  Students learn the industry practices, problem solving skills and business communications.  At the same time, virtual internship overcomes the time and geographic barriers of internships, and reduces the cost for the companies and students working aboard or across state. It provides companies with a better understanding of the way generation 2 thinks, allowing for insight into how to prepare to work with their new generation of worker.

Joint Publications

Joint publication may include but is not limited to conference/journal papers, business case study writing, newsletter, seminars, and other forms of communication.  The writing or presentation topics may include: business management, corporate finance and accounting best practices, modern e-learning technologies and models, big data and social media analytics in business, marketing, international market, finance, healthcare, retail management, hospitality, supply chain management, leadership and others.