Fully participate in the educational experience at Madonna

Since 1976, the Counseling and Disability Resources Center (CDR) has been providing services for students with disabilities. Members of the Madonna University family embrace and nurture a diverse academic community where students discover and develop their individuality. Faculty and staff foster a supportive learning environment through cooperation and collaboration.



Jeffery CordellAssistant Professor


734-432-5558, 2434

Jeffery Cordell

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Andrew A. DomzalskiDirector, ESL & MATESOL, Co-director, MSHUS


734-432-5558, 2434

Andrew A. Domzalski

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Kathleen M. EdelmayerCommunication and Writing, Dean, College of Arts and Humanities


734-432-5558, 2434

Kathleen M. Edelmayer

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Kevin I. EysterInterim Dean and Chairperson, College of Arts and Humanities


734-432-5307, 2426

Kevin I. Eyster

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Cora M. Garth, MA, LPC


Natalie Jenkins


Nancy Penzato


Cindy Wood
ASL Interpreter


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The CDR Focus

Sensitive to the needs of individual students, our staff is committed to the philosophy of full integration of students with disabilities into campus life. We make reasonable accommodations as we work to provide:

  • Access to educational opportunities
  • An environment that fosters better understanding between disabled and non-disabled people
  • Opportunities for social, leadership, and self-advocacy development at Madonna University


We offer the following services to students with disabilities so that they may fully participate in the educational experience at Madonna University:

  • In-class note taking
  • Sign language interpreting
  • Student-instructor liaison
  • Counseling and advising
  • Alternative testing accommodations
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Adaptive computer equipment
  • Adaptive tables and chairs

Eligibility for Services

Students must submit documentation of their disability to the Counseling and Disability Resource Center in order to be eligible for services and accommodations. Out of respect for each student, we strictly adhere to the institutional policy regarding confidentiality.

Commitment to Quality

To maintain high quality services, the University carefully hires and then monitors those who provide direct service to disabled students. Note taking services are provided by qualified note-takers who are required to maintain a high grade point average. The CDR employs professional Sign Language interpreters, experienced in educational interpreting, and each staff member is fluent in American Sign Language.