Hacking Health Pictured here L-R: Phillip Olla, and Madonna students Samantha Wilder, Hanah Laffrey-Koumaiha, Nadine El Abdallah, Suraya Chamseddine, and Kathryne Atencio

Students’ App Wins Tech Award

May 10, 2017

LIVONIA, Mich. – Congratulations to Madonna’s Drug Interaction (DxI) Team. DxI took the top USA Award at the Hacking Health III Hackathon at TechTown Detroit over the weekend. The Team created a prototype mobile app focused on reducing the knowledge deficit for patients' regarding medication interactions related to prescription and over-the-counter medications, allergies, and non-pharmaceutical interventions. According to Philip Olla, Ph.D., the team’s advisor, and director of Madonna University’s Center for Research, the idea was really well presented by the team, and the judges’ comments reflected the ingenuity applied by the students to address the problem.

“I am very proud of the students, who were professional, driven and extremely dedicated to their project all weekend,” Olla said. The idea started in the MIS 3350 Health Informatics class, then progressed to win at the Research Symposium AR pitch competition.