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Madonna University Art Collection

Dear Madonna alumni and friends,

Madonna was gifted a large collection of art pieces from Park West Galleries. Each work is matted and framed. Artists include Joanna Tyka, Thomas Kinkade, Jan Balet, Dean Young, Linda Le Kinff, and more. The collection, valued at nearly $2.4 million, contains more than 2,800 works, 380 of which are unique pieces.

Full Collection

We are happy to offer these pieces to you, our Madonna family, at a significant discount. All pieces priced over $300 will be sold at 50% off its appraised value.

You may see more than one image of some artworks, that is because specific pieces are stored in different locations, and the inventory reflects this. If you see a piece of artwork you like, click on the image for additional details.  The Inquire button on the details page will allow you to send an e-mail to let us know you’re interested, get additional details, or arrange to see the piece, whether in person or via web conference.  Once you are on the details page, you can also click <prev or next> to easily scroll through the details of other artwork in this collection.

Have any purchasing questions or need to arrange pick up?

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